Media TV Box is an Android Streaming Internet TV Box which connects to your TV by HDMI or RCA Cable which allow to stream thousands of movies, TV shows, music videos, YouTube video clips and live channels* from internet for free. You can also download and install many apps and android games to play on the big TV with the Bluetooth or USB remote. All Box we sell come with all pre-loaded up to date programs, one year in store hardware replacement warranty and lifetime software support.



  • Installation of the latest and greatest addons available on Kodi.
  • All Servers updated to ensure you have access to the best quality content.
  • All Addons will update automatically.
  • Free lifetime addons maintenance from our own server.
  • Latest Version of stable Kodi installed (Currently Kodi 16.1)
  • Programs other than Kodi that give you access to EXTENSIVE LIVE TV.
Media TV Box

Frequently Asked Questions

Android TV Box is basically a mini PC that runs Android operating system, which will turn any TV to a smart TV and allows you to install android apps, games, video streaming app such as showbox, netflix, Kodi, pandora, IPTV and so on.
You are getting most up to date add-ons which allowing you to stream thousands of Free movies, TV shows and live TV.
Yes, because it is free service, it might be need to be modified or manually upgrade them once a while. No, we will do all the work for each of our customer, so it will be easy like one click update for you in your house.
For the best streaming quality you we recommend a minimum of 2mb and for HD content you will need minimum 4mb broadband speed.
You just pay for the box, no subscriptions. that’s it! However, for more stable Lives TV channels we are offering the IPTV services which will be a subscription ($15 a month, no contract), that you can watch 22 Canadian Live Channels, over 200+English Channels, Most of sports Channels from all over the world and over 1000+ International Channels in HD quality.
IPTV, Internet Protocol television is a system through which television services are delivered using the Internet instead of being delivered through traditional satellite signal, or cable television formats.
Yes. If you buy from some other vendor most of the boxes will come with outdated program or bulk uploaded add-ons that need to be reprogrammed or updated. In order for it to work properly. No. If you buy the box from us (Speed Mobile) it comes Pre-programmed with latest add-ons and ready to go, all you have to do is connect to your internet and start enjoying.
• English - 96 • English News/Info - 45 • English Movies - 62 • Sports - 124 • Kids - 25 • Afghan / Persian / Kurd - 111 • African - 12 • albanian - 55 • Arabic - 542 • Bangla - 33 • Dutch - 64 • EX-EU Balans - 2 • Filipino - 11 • French - 101 • G-Line Up - 26 • Greek - 45 • Greman - 67 • Gujrati - 5 • Hindi - 133 • Italian - 130 • Kannada - 16 • Marathi - 10 • Malayalam - 31 • Nepali - 12 • Portuguese / Brazilian - 139 • Polish - 87 • Punjabi - 34 • Religious - 26 • Russian - 71 • Spanish - 70 • Tamil - 42 • Telugu - 42 • Turkish - 99 • Urdu - 118 • UK England - 214 • PPV/Movies - 10000+ • Adult - 26 (Password protection)
When there is a constrain in hard drive memory or accidental network disconnection, the TV Box may have difficulty in getting access to server resources. You can try to open the setting menu from the main interface of the machine and click through: APP----download apps----stb emulator----clear cache. Then open the STB platform and tap the top left corner blank of the screen then Reload Portal.
You can either renew the susbscription in the store or renew it through e-transfer to we have instructions for renewal, please contact our staff at 204-808-0360 or 204-887-5555. Instructions: Please set the transfer password as the last 7 digits of the phone number you provided to us when registered. Put your name and the phone number on the comment line.
Tap the top left corner blank of the screen, collapse the setting menu of STB emulator Tap Change Profile Data----STB Configuration----Find your MAC address eg .XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX